Frank Herbert Part 2

Frank Herbert part two! Tyler has an existential crisis, Hannah can’t pronounce Arrakeen, and both of them weigh in on Herbert’s love life. Honestly, ...View Details

Tyler Hangs out with Shing from Shing Cartography, and they talk about what it's like to travel the world and experience new culture as well as her fa...View Details

“The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune   And boy did Frank Herbert experience life. In the...View Details

This week, Hannah sits down with Dave Moore and Christian Sager, co-managers of the forthcoming horror magazine Corridor. The magazine will incorporat...View Details

Halloween Special 2020

A long message from Tyler.    Reader Info -    Britt Winchester: Host of Contrivance podcast. She’s a personal friend, and friend of the show, and pro...View Details

Our first AUTHOR!!! Robert Cano and Tyler talk books, TV and the philosophical implications of religion and empathy for other people.  Things get kind...View Details

Halloween Movies!

Our not so special, special Halloween episode. Hannah and Tyler are fresh of the heels of watching Halloween the movie, and their ready to talk about ...View Details

Hannah geeks out over the Lord of the Rings trilogy with Crystal and Aly from Best Friends’ Playbook. They talk about some of the iconic friendships (...View Details

Today our devious duo dive deep into Middle Grade Books that they couldn't read when they were in Middle School. With school starting up, and kids nee...View Details

Hannah and Tyler sit down with the Dapper DM himself, Jarrett Sullivan of Fables of Refuge! In this episode, we talk about our favorite fantasy books,...View Details

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