Hannah finally gets to meet a longtime friend of the show/immensely talented writer whose work you should be familiar with if you’ve listened to our f...View Details

L. Ron Hubbard pt 2

“You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.”   Sci-fi writer, Navy veteran, and prolific liar L. Ron H...View Details

L. Ron Hubbard

This guy was insane. And he wrote a ton of Sci-Fi.     As always a thank you to Jake Bassen for our theme song. Check him out on SoundCloud: https://s...View Details

Laura Nettles blew us away in the sci-fi flash fiction episode with her story "Rust," and as Hannah learns in this episode, she wrote the miniature ma...View Details

Aleister Crowley

Wickedest man alive or sad, wandering man with no meaning in his life? Tyler and Hannah talk about the life and times of occultist Aleister Crowley. F...View Details

Hannah and Cam sit down to talk about one of their favorite authors. Tyler! So get ready to hear all the dirty little secrets from his childhood and h...View Details

Issac Asimov part 2

Tyler and Hannah are back with the second-part of Isaac Asimov’s life story. The prolific sci-fi writer penned somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 bo...View Details

SCI-FI Flash Fiction!!

Sci-fi flash fiction special 2021 “Rust” by Laura Nettles - A first-time contributor, Laura offers a jaw-dropping take on the age-old alien invader st...View Details

Tyler gets to hang out with the guys from the Ink to Film Podcast. Luke and James are wonderful guys who know a lot and have a passion for Books and M...View Details

Isaac Asimov

Part 1 of our deep dive of one of the greatest Science Fiction authors of all time. Follow along as we talk about his life reading pulp fiction in his...View Details

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