Hannah sits down with Kristin of Perks of Being a Bookflower. What, exactly, is a bookflower? A bookflower is a rare, delightful creature. She is ofte...View Details

Mark Twain

Weeeeeeellll, we're jussa couple youngen podcast nerds from up in them Cascadias, but boy howdy do we have a show for y'all today! Sure as a jake rabb...View Details

Hannah and Tyler sit down with Aly Fitzgerald of Best Friends Playbook podcast. She is an actor, writer, producer and nerd. The intrepid trio talk abo...View Details

Stan Lee

Hannah and Tyler discuss Stan "the man" Lee. From growing up in the Great Depression to fighting censorship in the 50's. Stan Lee has fought to tell g...View Details

You mostly like have heard of the American Classic, But did you know that the author was legit a chill dude who loved to kick it with "Savages" and go...View Details

On this episode we hang out and dish on our relationships. With the Quarantine (hopefully) coming to an end soon, people need to remember what relatio...View Details

Hemingway part 2

Our intrepid duo descends into the devious doorway of delirium and doom! ...also known as Hemingway's later years.  We end up skimping over a massive ...View Details

Ernest Hemingway Part 1

Good lord, do we have a lot to talk about today Ghoul Gang!  Listen in on the first part of Hemingway and his early life leading up to his first book....View Details

Mary Karr

Check out our brand new Youtube page:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzIxPgrDeBzMXAqOn0G0DfA   Instagram: @lewisandlovecraft   And Jake Bassen for ...View Details

Be sure to check out our friends at Confessions of Retail: All the Tea https://www.facebook.com/confessionsofretailallthetea/ https://podcasts.apple.c...View Details

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