Do you love Lovecraft and food? How about Chuthulu and Cocktails? Then you're gonna love our guest, Mike Slater is an author who has published two ver...View Details

Graduating with from Harvard Medical School would be a career-defining moment for most people, but for Michael Crichton it was merely a footnote on a ...View Details

Tyler finally got his wish, some one from his favorite podcast noticed him! Hannah Plays JR the Crooked on The Monster Hour Podcast, and she sits down...View Details

Hannah and Tyler Talk about Clement Clarke Moore who wrote the famous poem, T'was the Night before Christmas. Then they talk about the Matrix.  Gifts ...View Details

No Thanks Given

Hannah and Tyler have both been writing for Nano Wrimo, so they needed a break from words and things, so they talk about what they have done for the m...View Details

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath is remembered as one of the most dynamic poets of the mid-20th Century. Her poems and novel The Bell Jar typify the confessional style t...View Details

Halloween 3D

Welcome to our 3rd annual Halloween flash fiction special - Halloween 3D (name trademarked by Tyler, creator of all the titles). We received a record ...View Details

Stephen King Part 2

This is the second part of our Stephen King episode! The master of horror has collected interesting anecdotes and real-life characters since before he...View Details

Stephen King Part1

Master of horror Stephen King has penned more than 60 novels, several works of nonfiction, and hundreds of short stories in his career and shows no si...View Details

Lauren Coontz is an Army veteran who studied anthropology in college before deciding to become a journalist. She’s also a fairy tale enthusiast, which...View Details

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