SCI-FI Flash Fiction!!

Sci-fi flash fiction special 2021

  1. “Rust” by Laura Nettles - A first-time contributor, Laura offers a jaw-dropping take on the age-old alien invader storyline. And after we finished recording, Hannah found her website! Check out more of Laura’s work at
  2. “The Quest” by Paul Waterman - Paul knocks it out of the park again with this cautionary tale. He co-owns our favorite bookstore,
  3. “Untitled” by Karlie Blackmore - Karlie brings us the diary-style ravings of what might be a lunatic or the most enlightened person on planet Earth. You be the judge.
  4. “Simulating Reality” by Michael WIlson - Amusing take on a popular theory? Or a story rife with existential dread? Tyler and Hannah have different takes, but both agree Michael’s story is great.
  5. “Keystone” by Steve Cain - Super powerful robots have taken over the world and are using humans to perform blue collar jobs in Steve’s latest contribution to BL&L. His fifth book also dropped recently!
  6. “When at War” by Tallan Paul - The official boyfriend-of-the-podcast returns with a jaw-dropping tale where the emergence of monsters is not the biggest twist.
  7. “The Others” by Hannah Ray Lambert - The BL&L cohost shows us a post-apocalyptic world through the eyes of a little girl, unaware of the army advancing on her home.
  8. “Will We Dream in Cryosleep?” by Brianna Fenty - An accomplished short story writer and soon-to-be published novelist, Brianna spins a somber story set in outerspace.
  9. “The Legacy of Ryder” by Aly Fitzgerald - The longtime friend-of-the-podcast breaks the flash fiction rules with this time traveling tale that demands a sequel. Or two. Or three. Seriously Aly. Please do more.  @_alyfitzgerald
  10. “We're Pleased to Please You” by Curtis Deeter - Reading like a Yelp ad from the future, our return contributor’s story straps the reader into one of EuphorINC’s StayCation pods and doesn’t let them out. Check out more of the accomplished sci-fi writer’s work at
  11. “Kirby Dyson and the Vacuum of Space” by Tyler Clawson - Last, but certainly not least, Tyler introduces us to the heroic Kirby Dyson, who discovers that her vacuum is a portal to outerspace. 


We want to give a huge thank you to our readers for lending us their voices.  James Walton and Joy Strube from the Canby Now Podcast were a pleasure to work with, as always.


First-time reader Mason Mostoller crushed it with not one but two stories. He’s the Dungeon Master for Critseekers.


Dalena Garcia (AKA Tyler’s mom) did a wonderful job once again. And, keeping it in the family, Producer Cam narrated and mixed “Keystone.” The production value was *chef’s kiss*


Aly Fitzgerald not only wrote and voiced her own story, but narrated another submission as well. Our friend is an incredibly talented actress and part of one of Tyler’s all-time favorite D&D shows, Fables of Refuge. @fables_of_refuge


Two other members of the Fables family, Jess Ayers and Jarrett Sullivan, both returned to the program. Thank you thank you thank you, you brilliant humans. @jessnextdoor @jarrettsullivan


Thank you to everyone who made this show possible!

As always a thank you to Jake Bassen for our theme song. Check him out on SoundCloud:

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Tyler is @twclawson_pdx


Hannah is @thehannahray













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