Robert Jordan — How the Wheel of Time Creator Became an Icon of the Fantasy Genre

James Oliver Rigney Jr. (better known by his pen name Robert Jordan) is best known for his breakout fantasy series "The Wheel of Time," which breathed new life into a genre that had grown somewhat stale since Tolkien took the scene by storm decades earlier. But before he wrote the several million words that would become his legacy, Rigney/Jordan served in Vietnam, became a nuclear engineer, and had a near-death experience that inspired him to finally pick up a pen. AND he was a good husband and human, y'all, which Tyler and Hannah were very excited to learn. Longtime listeners know we don't get to feature a lot of healthy relationships on this show, but you'll be delighted to hear about Rigney/Jordan's marriage to Harriet McDougal a woman who was, incidentally, also a huge part of shaping the "Wheel of Time" series.

Also, Tyler announces the upcoming release of his fantasy sitcom series "The Penny Lich," available June 7th!

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