M.R. James

Welcome to another episode of Between Lewis and Lovecraft, thank you so much for checking us out. 

This show is all about learning more about the authors that have inspired us. And diving into the stories that they not only created, but lived as well. So join us as we explore the worlds that live just out of reach. 


Man, do we go ham on M.R. James today, Ghoul Gang. We compare the nineteenth century author to the academic pursuits of C.S. Lewis, despite James’ hatred for books and education. And we compare his sexuality to that of H.P Lovecraft, and really dive deep into his hatred of women. 

Why talk about such a dirtbag? Well, he happens to be the most prominent ghost story writers of all time, and is famous for writing a new ghost story every Christmas. And Not all monsters are without a little joy in their life, so come along as we discover that M.R. James… well he really was a monster with no joy… so yeah, that’s fun. 


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