Miyamoto Musashi

Welcome to another episode of Between Lewis and Lovecraft, thank you so much for checking us out. 

This show is all about learning more about the authors that have inspired us. And diving into the stories that they not only created, but lived as well. So join us as we explore the worlds that live just out of reach. 


Today’s episode is about Myiamoto Musashi. One of the greatest, if not the most well known, samurai to ever live. And why is he held to such high esteem? It could be his sword fighting career that spanned over 60 fights, and years of actual battles. Or that he became a painter, sculpture and calligrapher. But most likely its the single little book he wrote at the end of his life called the Book of Five Rings. A book so prolific and inspired that 400 years later, its still used to understand not just Japanese sword fighting, but  a way of life that is intentional, purposeful and mindful. 

Join us as we dive into the life of an extraordinary man, and the inspiration for me to want to become, Ty Ty the Samurai.

Music by: https://soundcloud.com/jakebassen

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