Halloween 3D

Welcome to our 3rd annual Halloween flash fiction special - Halloween 3D (name trademarked by Tyler, creator of all the titles). We received a record number of flash fiction submissions this year and are beyond thankful for all the first-time authors and return contributors who shared their work with us.

So grab a bowl of Halloween-themed sugar cereal and join us as we enjoy some spooky, silly, and downright scary stories from an incredible group of writers.


What is to Come, by Tyler Clawson - Read by Tyler Clawson


Hi Daddy, by Steve Cain - Read by Paul Davis

Steve's latest book, December Promise, is out now. And check out his band, Rising Within.


Leporidae, by Brianna Fenty - Read by Lora Dailey

See more of Brianna's work at www.briannafenty.com

And catch Lora on Fables of Refuge, or at www.loradailey.com


When Winter Comes, by Tallan Paul - Read by Tallan Paul


The Town, by Hannah Ray Lambert - Read by Hannah Ray Lambert


Checking In, by Aly Fitzgerald - Read by Aly Fitzgerald

Follow Aly on Fables Refuge or @_alyfitzgerald on Instagram


The Grave Digger, by H.R. Brown - Read by Jon Robert Curtis Gemeroy


Out to Pasture, by Mary Lambert - Read by Juliana Sloan

Follow Juliana on Instagram @JulianaASloan and Twitter @iamjulianasloan 


Black and White, by Ray Lambert - Read by Aly Fitzgerald


272, by Curtis Deeter - Read by Mason Mostoller

Follow Curtis' work at www.curtisadeeter.com/

Follow Mason on Instagram @tendingbubbles


TIK TIK, by Aaron Hurst - Read by JT Owens from the Players Guild


A Light in the Darkness, by Christopher Odom - Read By Alexa Tibbles from the Players Guild


Where the Darkness Abides, By Charlton Clark - Read by Curtis Deeter


Lamenting Lullaby, by Alfred Smith - Read by Mason Mostoller

Read more of Alfred's horror flash fiction at www.nightshadestories.com and horror-themed poetry at www.blackquillpoetry.com


Book, by Alissa Smith - Read by Britt Winchester

Follow Alissa @ravenbooknz

And follow Britt @contrivancepodcast and @playersguildpod


Of Baseball and Rain, by Robert Adkisson - Read by Heather Brister


The Last Spaceman, by Mason Mostoller - Read by Tyler Clawson

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