Today we read your flash fiction! 

Our readers are;

Tyler Clawson

Hannah Ray Lambert

Tyler Francke

James Waldon

Joy Stroube


Our stories in order are; 

"Scraying" By Tyler Clawson

"The Host" By Hannah Ray

"Untitled"By Mister Mutiny, you can see his twitch stream here:

"Always Check your Candy" By Spooky Boo, You can visit her Website here:

"The Hunt" By Matt

"Bound in Eternity" By Paul Waterman, Check out the Book Nook:

"The Last Concert" By Tyler Francke, you can check out the Canby Now Podcast, and listen to their Halloween Episode here:

"Social Murderer" By Carl Baumann, Check out his website here:

"The Atrament Summons" By Dean Floyd, Check out his website and other works at:


Thank you, to all of our supporters and contributes. We are so happy to see our small community growing. If you have flash fiction, or a short story, please feel free to send it in. We'd be happy to look at it, and maybe read it on a future episode! you can submit stories to



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