Gillian Flynn

Welcome to another episode of Between Lewis and Lovecraft, thank you so much for checking us out. 

This show is all about learning more about the authors that have inspired us. And diving into the stories that they not only created, but loved as well. So join us as we explore the worlds that live just out of reach. 


Today we talk about Gillian Flynn, Jillian? Guligan? Hannah will tell us in a minute. We explore her style or writing and how she just exploded onto the writing scene. She is with out a doubt, Hannah’s favorite author, and trying to sum her up in the opening song would be a discredit to her work and to Hannah’s love for her.


We’ll be going through her life and works and how she has inspired a who new generation of female writers. But you know what, I think Hannah said it best when she made me sit quietly and listen to her talk for a change.


Sources for this episode: 

Tyler read - 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (first 100 pages)

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (First Chapter) 

Hannah read -
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