Eighth day of Christmas

Well folks, you’re in for a treat, for the next two nights you will be regaled  and spooked by Britt Winchester. Famous from the podcast, The Snark Tank. one of only 5 truly perfect podcasts, the one you’re listening to right now being one of them, obviously. 

Britt is a super fun, truly awesome  person who I met through podcasting. She was so kind enough to read not just one story, but two! TWO! TWOOOOOOO!

I don’t know why I'm trying to make “two” scary… but, whatever. Enjoy The next couple days of Christmas glee, as Britt reads to you, her ghost stories. Or rather, M.R. James’... stories, you get the point. 

Go check out her show, Snark Tank at Snarktankpod.com and if you wanna really show your love, leave a voicemail for them at (316) 844-0262.

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