Hannah and Tyler both love stories, and so can you! Two amateur authors going into the world of literature with no degree, no mastery and no federally funded grant money. They take it one author at a time and talk about what inspired each person to write each story that in turn inspire another writer. 

Tyler Clawson is a dreamer by day and Podcaster by night. Having spent almost a decade producing podcasts, videos and t-shirts, he now produces and co-hosts for the Canby Now Podcast. He has self published one book, which he wrote as a Christmas gift to his wife, and is currently working on a fantasy trilogy.

Hannah Ray Lambert is a news reporter by day and a sleeper by night. She has spent the past two decades reading an obscene number of books and writing some of her own stories. Currently, she's working on a murder mystery and wishes Tyler would stop trying to guess the killer's identity.


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