Gary Gygax part 2

Is your teen being seduced by Satan? Is he using a strategy war fantasy game to do it? We dive into Gary Gygax's life after he creates the revolutiona...View Details

Cmike is hanging with us today! The film maker who found success with Corridor Crew, then began his own YouTube channel has been working his ass off f...View Details

Gary Gygax part 1

We begin our deep dive into Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Tyler and Hannah explain what Dungeons and Dragons is, and Tyler drinks a bee...View Details

Tyler nerds out hard with Drew Gutowski of Contrivance podcast. They talk about Welcome to Nightvale, Magic the Gathering and how Big Brothers are bas...View Details

George Orwell

All podcasts are equal, but some podcasts are more equal than others. Between Lewis & Lovecraft is watching you!  Hang out with us as we talk abou...View Details

Hannah talks books, writing, and New Zealand with Alissa Smith of Raven Books. Alissa is in the process of finishing her first novel. She’s also in th...View Details

What The Hell!?

Tyler does a podcast today, and Hannah shows up...  They two talk about The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis.    T...View Details

Tyler talks books with Britt Winchester of Contrivance podcast. They talk about Sean Stewart, Author of Galveston, The Night Watch, Clouds End, Resurr...View Details

Nicholas Sparks

We talk about Nicholas Sparks. The man who invented the male groan of annoyance and having to watch girly movies while still dating and having to prov...View Details

Hannah sits down with Kristin of Perks of Being a Bookflower. What, exactly, is a bookflower? A bookflower is a rare, delightful creature. She is ofte...View Details

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